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    I am in Portugal and just done a shoot with a big day in store tomorrow.
    I am miles away from anywhere.
    Simply my G-Tech Red Mini Card Reader will not mount.
    Tried everything. So can i download from my Epic Weapon camera? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards

    Tim Bonython
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    To answer the second question, there is no way to use your Epic as a card reader.

    For the G-Technology Mini-Mag reader, check through every possible failure point step by step.

    Check to make sure the USB 3 port on the reader is unobstructed, try alternative cables, use different USB ports, use a different PC/Mac.

    Recently, I had a small piece of tape get stuck inside the mini mag chamber which prevented the mini mag from fully inserting into the G-Tech reader. I've also had the common problem of not enough USB power to the device.

    Best of luck.

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    On mac? Also, the dock or reader on its own?

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    Hi Tom, I had that problem a few months ago and I posted it on Reduser. My problem was the G Tech Mini Mag reader itself, you may have a faulty one, I ordered one from Red and I sent back my G Tech Reader to B&H for a replacement. I now have both options and they both work perfectly.
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    Don't buy G-tech mini mag reader ...
    Will dead with couple hours .
    I hope that the Universe has an end
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