Hey everyone,

First off, please let me know if this does or doesn't belong in this thread!

I am pitching to a local organization for potential funding towards a documentary I will be producing and shooting. It is very culinary and restaurant forward.

Here is the catch, I have put in my submission (Shot entirely on Helium + Schneider Xenon Primes & Angenieux Zooms), and there is a voting period that helps determine 50% of the submissions.

- 15 submissions are awarded $50K through votes
- 15 submissions are awarded $50K through committee


Please have a look at the pitch trailer I have put together and if you enjoy and would like to support this project with your vote, it would be immensely appreciated.

It is only 3 clicks, and you don't need an account - it takes 15 seconds to vote!

Thanks for all of your eyes!