Hi folks,

I wanted to give you, the filmmaker community, an update on (the availability of) ErgoCine grips. As you may know, David Ford (from ErgoCine) passed away last year. His grips are (still) highly regarded, but unfortunately not available anymore.

Recently I've started producing my own grips. Mainly because I was frustrated about the current offerings (especially in Europe), but also because I wanted something 'like' ErgoCine even though they are not available anymore. As we speak, I'm now able to produce my own custom ergonomic grips, similar to Aaton, Kinogrip and ErgoCine.

Suddenly, a few weeks ago someone asked me if I could produce 'the ErgoCine grip'. As you may understand, I couldn't give an a quick and easy answer. Instead I contacted David's family (through Peter Schneider - a long-time friend of David) to talk about this dilemma. I'm really happy about the way they responded and together we devised a plan!

So here's the update / plan: anyone who is interested can contact me to produce a "David Ford Grip". It is finished with the M6 wingnut, rosette and wiring that I use (as I don't have access to David's suppliers) but the model itself is the same. 10% of the revenue is donated to IDFA's (International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam - www.idfa.nl/en/ ) education program in memory of David.

Moreover, I offer customer support to current ErgoCine owners (i.e. rewiring, refinishing, replacing a broken button), as long as you can get the ErgoCine grip to Utrecht, the Netherlands.

I am offering these two additional services so everyone in the filmmaker community can enjoy their own personalized wooden grip, whether you are a loyal ErgoCine customer or you are buying your first ergonomic grip. For more information you can check: https://www.elementgear.eu/product/d...special-order/ .

Let me know if you have any questions.