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    We had a challenging project last summer that I can finally share. It was a challenge in that it was a 6 minute
    silent prologue with a blind actor. We had 2 days to shoot since he was flying in from LA and had to be back at work on Monday. Micro crew, company move, night , rain towers........and we were in a Hialiah warehouse in August
    with a couple spot coolers just for the set......yikes
    Aside from the physical challenges the idea of keeping the story moving was a bit daunting. But with the guidance of a talented Director and his crew of Artists, my crew and a wonderful post team
    we present "The Device"

    The piece is all RED, Helium shot 8K FF 5:1, Red Pro Primes
    final CC by Oscar Martinez at Moving Forward Scrath Assimilate

    and as a special bonus Jake at RED Miami did us a huge solid and converted the master 4k files to HDR in Colorfront and we got to see it at the RED shop on the Sony BVM-X300 which was a blast. speculars were pretty spicy at 1000nits but the 3D effect was fantastic. It really got us jazzed for he future, and that seems very bright
    Thank you Jake/ RED
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