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  #1 New Gemini Kit announced 
    Fire Chief Jarred Land's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    With the success of the Dragon-X kit that we introduced a few months ago, many customers have asked for a similar kit for the DSMC2 Gemini camera.

    So we put together everything you need to start shooting ( minus lens of course ) into one awesome little package. You will save about 7% off the total price of buying all these bits separately.

    The new kit is available today and can be purchased on or RED Authorized Dealers

    Price is $27,500/£21,700/€24,950 and includes :

    DSMC2 RED® Touch 7.0” LCD
    DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
    DSMC2 V-lock with I/O Expander for a variety of input/output selections
    S35 AI CANON Mount
    IDX Duo C98 Battery and IDX VL-2X Battery Charger
    RED Mini-Mag (960 GB) with G-Technology EV Series Reader
    Custom Nanuk Camera Case

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    Senior Member Karel Šimůnek's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    Czech Republic, Europe
    Very nice!!! Wanted to buy Dragon-X but now? :)
    KAREL ŠIMŮNEK fan of RED :)
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    Senior Member andrewhake's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Great idea and great price for all that stuff.
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    Senior Member David Collard's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Wow. The Beverly Hills Bar Mitzvah special.

    But seriously, it can get confusing so it does make sense to package this way for newbies to the Red Universe.
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    Moderator Phil Holland's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Los Angeles
    Fun fact. The strap that's compatible with those Nanuk cases is the one I use for my current "belly cam" setup w/ 1/4"-20 eyebolts. It's comfy.
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
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    Nov 2017
    New York City
    Definitely a great deal.
    For me, I ‘d build my own kit with the Production Module and PL. I think it Just hit home as to what a great value these cameras are. Nothing else touches this performance and these features in the price range. And the aesthetic coming from these is in a league of its own.
    S-W #6350 "Moonshot"
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    Wow, that's sweet lookin' kit!
    Thanks Jarred, one more thing to add to the shopping list!
    Formerly known as "nutman"
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    Senior Member Bastian Meier's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    Graz, Austria
    I just received my order with basically the same items.
    Gemini - 7" Touch - Canon AL Mount - Outrigger Handle - V-Lock I/O Module.
    seems like I was a bit early
    but nice deal :)
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    Senior Member william howell's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Pensacola Florida
    Quote Originally Posted by Bastian Meier View Post
    I just received my order with basically the same items.
    Gemini - 7" Touch - Canon AL Mount - Outrigger Handle - V-Lock I/O Module.
    seems like I was a bit early
    but nice deal :)
    Us too. Last Friday.
    William Howell
    Senior Creative and Multimedia Producer
    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
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    Senior Member Blair Thornton's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Was hesitant about chiming in on this, but I think the kit could be improved if it was this:

    DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 BRAIN® (Good)
    Al Canon Lens Mount (AL PL Mount)
    DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0" LCD (Let USER decide)
    DSMC2 Outrigger Handle (Good)
    DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander (Good)
    RED MINI-MAG - 960GB (Really now? - 480GB is plenty for Gemini)
    IDX DUO C98 batteries with charger (No comment)
    G-Technology ev Series RED MINI-MAG Reader (RED USB-C Mag Reader)
    Heavy-duty camera case (Excellent)
    2-Year Standard Warranty (Good)
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