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    If I get a new version Mac Pro with PCI e slots or a new PC with with them is the rocket x still worth keeping in the computer even if I have an RTX card or a okay spec Mac Pro? My Rocket X works great with my rMBP still and I was hoping it combined with a newer computer soon could be beneficial still. Thanks
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    As you know the Rocket-X still can add value to a laptop setup such as yours. I have one hanging off of an iMac Pro for enhanced playback and transcode. But once you get into RTX and the new enhanced GPU debayer, the Rocket really isn't worth the trouble. Plus its more or less an EOL product so I suspect support for it won't be a priority if its worked at all. The drivers havent been updated in a long time even now.

    Hard to say whether it'll be beneficial ( if only for the short term) in the upcoming Mac Pro. That will heavily depend on how Red/Apple's promised Metal port of their debayer comes along.
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