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  1. #1 Creating a custom RED power extension cable 
    Dear fellow REDanians,

    I'm thinking about creating a cable harness of about 10m which contains SDI, (transformed) Power and 3 XLR lines (2x Mic and 1x Headphone) that goes from my RED to a place where I can distribute things further. SDI and Audio shouldn't be a problem, but I'm unsure about the power.

    Is there a specific length requirement for extending the RED lemo power cord? I was thinking of buying or making two adapters of LEMO from / to 4-pin-XLR and make a cable of 10m length. Will this work, or am I heading for troubled waters? What about the clock on the cable? Is this used at all and does it limit the cable length?

    Thanks for your insights.

    Best regards
    Scarlet-X #0061 "Weasley"
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    Hey Remo,

    Buy the Official RED Lemo 6 pin to XLR 4pin 10ft and then use a higher quality than average XLR 4pin to XLR 4pin extension cable rated for at least 60/70W.

    Also very important, use a very high quality AC Adapter (like FSP or Seasonic or Mean Well) with 15V or 16V out (not over 16.8V to be safe) and cabled to XLR 4pin.

    Cable (and in-between connectors) loss will do the rest, so starting with these voltages will be fine and camera will be happy with a genuine Lemo.

    XLR 4pin is much easier to solder than the Lemo 4pin if you feel like it so the extension and cabling of the AC adapter can be done by you if you're good with soldering.

    But I strongly suggest you go the official cable route for the Lemo part... ;-)

    Hope it helps!
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    Wonderful, many thanks mate!
    Scarlet-X #0061 "Weasley"
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