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  1. #1 best exposure? best final image in camera? 

    i learned that on bright scenes i should set the iso to around 800 and on darker scenes lower the iso.
    But i don't get the right image on my monitor. What i found now was that the histogram is not the raw data. i thought it was.
    So how do i get a good contrasty and not so bright image on a bright scene when the iso is set to 800?
    So should i ND the picture darker but let the iso on 800 but then the picture on the histogram looks to dark.
    is the sensor getting enough light for a clean picture?

    Or i am maybe confused because the new sensor calibration? I'm on a gemini and using a STH olpf.

    My other question is how can i get the best final image in camera?
    I set my camera to ipp2 and high contrast/soft rolloff because i think a soft rolloff is more pleasing.
    But when i play around with the image in redcine-x i can see that when setting the rolloff to hard i get more contrast. So looks like the rolloff is also going into the mids.
    I want a punchy image which looks good on the monitor but also want a soft rolloff.
    Last time i set down with a colorist i saw that he changed everything i shot into redlogfilm and wasnt working in ipp2. guess he is not used to the new pipeline but then all my settings because doesn't matter right?

    So how to get the image i want on my monitor a can be sure that the colorist get image how i see it.

    hoe that all doesn't sound to weird and i can get some helpful anwers.

    thnaks in advance.
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    This colorist has to get some update to Red workflow. A good starting point working in log is R3G10.
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