I've owned an FS7 for a while and to date have always used a LUT I created in DaVinci, and bring into Premiere as my starting point for grades using Lumetri. I've found this to be good enough for 99% of my work and have been very happy with the results. It's more of a clean, commercial look (less film, more corporate).

Now I'm starting to shoot on Red Dragon, loving the more 'film' look of it, and haven't yet had to match the two cameras. But was thinking "There must be a LUT out there to instantly bring FS7 close to a 'RED' look as a starting point. Much as there's a LUT to bring FS7 close to an ARRI look" --- But after scouring the web, I'm yet to find one. ???

I know a lot of people on these boards also shoot FS7 (or other sony). Any thoughts on this?

And what I'm talking about is the look I'd get out of RED by plopping it into a Premiere timeline with only a few tweaks to the master FX tab. So far it's looking pretty darned good at that (I'm floating between the legacy and IPP2. I actually prefer the legacy look better on a lot of shots and feel IPP2's better if I'm going to dig in for tweaking).

And before you start: YES. I know I can shoot color charts and start to build my own LUT. I get that. I'm looking for solutions other people have already created! : )

Put RED footage on Premiere timeline. Use almost as is.
Put FS7 footage on Premiere timeline. Add some 'Red Convert LUT' - tweak with Lumetri to match the RED.

Thanks in advance!