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    Hey All,

    Looking to acquire a Teradeck system for the studio. Looking at buying the Focus 7" or the Bolt 703 with a Bolt 500 Transmitter for either. Any experience with the 2 below, trying to figure out if the $2000 price difference is just for the addition of vmount, sdi and brightness or something else I am msising. Interested to hear and pros and cons for both, appreciate the help!
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    Hey Chris,

    The Bolt 703 is a great monitor, the main reason that is it much more expensive is because it is an ultra bright. I use this monitor for pulling focus and it is amazing, no problems even outside in the middle of the day. I also prefer buttons over touchscreen. The other benefit of the 703 Bolt is that there is an SDI in/out and out, so if you wanted, you can put two feeds going into one monitor and do split screen.

    If you are in a studio and running one camera, you will be totally fine with the Focus 7" in my opinion, the benefit of the 703 Bolt really comes through when you are in daylight or when you have two cameras.
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    I've been using the Focus 7 RX for the past few weeks and I love it. Except for the ultra brightness (which I rarely used on the 703) the Focus 7 is pretty much just a lighter version of the 703 bolt... for way less $.
    Jordan Beard
    Canopy Films
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