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  1. #1 Moving Editing Project from FCPX to AVID Mediacomposer? 
    Hi everybody,

    we are in the middle of editing a project in FCPX and might have to move it to Avid Mediacomposer.

    Is there a proper way to do it? (Automatic Duck or a "Roundtrip" via XML to Resolve via AAF to Avid?)
    Is there a way for saving all the Tags / Metadata?

    If sticking with FCP-X would be the better solution, is there something like a FCPX user group?
    Is there a online directory for editors / assistent editors feeling comfortable with FCP-X?

    best wishes and kind regards,
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    I would probably try to use Resolve to do the move. But a few questions.

    1. How much media do you have?
    2. What formats
    3. How complex is the edit?
    4. How important is it to save all of your keywording and organizational work?

    Number 4 might be the key. Because I'm proficient enough in both apps, I would lean towards keeping this in FCPX. But if you are not, well then you will have some periods of frustrations with FCPX until you get over some of the ways it works. I assume you are taking over the project from someone correct and that you are mainly an Avid shop? Took me a solid year to get comfortable with FCPX and now I do about 90% of my work there. I still have Avid for certain projects and Resolve for others.

    You can look into tools like this as a way to cary over some of your tags. But how you'll integrate it to Avid is another story.

    Editors are creatures of habit, so I get not wanting to try a new NLE or one you are not completely comfortable with. There just may be a compromise in getting it over to one you are comfortable with.
    Steve Sherrick
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    Thanks Steve - all your answers point in the direction of trying to keep it in FCPX ;-)
    best wishes and kind regards,
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    Hey Martin-

    If you need support from fellow users (beyond people on RU) there are a few good resources to consider.

    Final Cut Pro X User Group (PUBLIC)




    APPLE's Comprehensive list of FCP X support sites

    I can't vouch for the groups on the Facebook (though I hear they're good) but you should generally
    find good user help with the above should you need it. Good luck.

    Brian Timmons
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