Hi Everyone,

I have a set of master primes and ultra primes for rent. I can give favorable rates for long term rental. Renters must provide proof of insurance with photo ID. I can accept visa/master/amex cards. We will ship anywhere in the U.S. Please contact us nednel84@gmail.com or 708-607-2294.

Zeiss Master Primes 6 lens

18mm T1.3 PL
25mm T1.3 PL
35mm T1.3 PL
50mm T1.3 PL
75mm T1.3 PL
100mm T1.3 PL

$1050 per day/weekend
$2500 per week

Zeiss Ultra Primes 6 lens
16mm T1.9 PL
24mm T1.9 PL
32mm T1.9 PL
50mm T1.9 PL
85mm T1.9 PL
135mm T1.9 PL

$700 Per day/weekend
$1400 per week