Hey Y'all,

I've been shooting with the Tokina Vista Cinema lenses for a while now. Our widest is the 25mm. I can't say enough good things about the build quality and value these have. My favorites are the 50mm and 85mm. However, i just cannot seem to like the 25mm. I can't wrap my head around why. I just look at the image and I find it uninspiring. I can't really say there are any technical differences in the image itself compared to the other other focal lengths. There's just something compared to the 50/85 that does not seem to translate on the 25mm. Has anyone else experienced this? Would the 18mm be more appealing over the 25mm? Like I said, I cannot quantify or describe why i don't like it. I just don't and I'm looking to see if anyone here has noticed this.

I will say that this is the second 25mm we've had from them. The first one had to be replaced right after getting it due to a defect. This one is not defective, but I'm wondering if there's just something different about this focal length.