Thread: ND for Angenieux Optimo Dp without mattebox?

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  1. #1 ND for Angenieux Optimo Dp without mattebox? 
    Hi all,

    does anyone know of a solution to mount ND filters onto Optimo DPs without using a mattebox? Preferably even a Vari ND?

    Thanks for any hints!
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    we have an off the shelf front clamping system that allows the use of 4 1/2 inch round filters... can't remmber who made it but I can check friday if you PM me.
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    Thanks Michael, found it online!
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    Anyone tested the NISI enhanced Vari NDs? They clamp onto 95, 110 and 114mm diameter lenses. They only go up to 5 stops, but other than that look like a good solution.
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