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    Incredibly stunning feast for the eyes on my LG Oled In DolbyVision

    TLDR the rest of this thread yet - filmic “grain” structure of the show looked awesome this year.

    Thalias looked nice, everything felt period correct for the most part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    If you shoot 8k on a daily basis then you know that yes, shit more possiblity to punch in, reframe, alter development settings like iso, etc without picture looking pushed around. As when the image looks like glas there is simply more room for errors. Compared to when shot on red one first iteration for example things needed to be more aligned in camera. Filtered for the right color temperature, both light and camera, and no real room for reframing as you kind of instantly saw the noise difference between shots if the material was just slightly pushed. Not saying shit could not look good in 4k MX, it very much can but you need to be more accurate to get there. If speaking tennis, you could say that 8K monstro is a very big racket to hit the ball with.

    Here is a stellar 4k scarlet frame. IF shot perfect monstro would not look much better but if lights exposures, temperatures and framing where all heavily off then monstro would hold longer it that simple.

    B009_C010_0322K3 by Björn Benckert, on Flickr
    I super agree with this....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kilgroe View Post
    Back on the stuck pixel thing... I don’t think that’s what we’re seeing. I didn’t notice them watching through, even though I’m watching on a 4K projector and a pretty big screen — like 12ft wide. Plenty of compression artifacts and film effects/ grunge added to the show.

    To me it looks like some of the grunge treatment is digitized film effect and some is digitally recreated film/dirt. Given that most of the acquisition was 8K and 6K for season 3 (as far as I’m aware) and the amount of other processing done, the couple hot pixels I went back and looked for seem more like digital hot point artifacts. I don’t know if they went unnoticed in post or not or were intentionally left or not. I’m not so sure they were present in the original camera footage. Almost betting they are not there as they would be larger than a single stuck/hot pixel. Or if they were there, then the original footage was sharpened and edge-enhanced and potentially grunge-processed prior to final down-scale and 4K mastering and that seems unlikely.

    I’ve seen the same thing on other shows before using digitally added film/dirt effects and it’s like the digital approximation of a piece of lens or gate dust. Meh...

    Either way, I think these bright pixels should not be there and should have been eliminated in a QC pass. And yet I didn’t notice them since I was too busy just watching and enjoying the show.
    I've said this earlier, it's NOT any type of added grain or "grunge" effect. I know the difference between added effects for creating a genuine period look and in-camera pixel errors, these are definitely stuck pixels. I've trouble-shooted enough of such pixels to know what I'm looking at. And they are also not a result of post-process added effects due to their behavior when the material is post-stabilized.

    I can bet you thousands that it is a sensor stuck pixel. Did you watch it in HDR 4K? Projectors don't have enough brightness for this. I watched it on a Samsung QLED at 2000 nits HDR. The stuck pixels feels like small flashlights directed at me.

    I've also not seen the same thing on any other show. If you have a moment to watch the last episode on a screen with enough HDR nits to punch through the darkness, then check out the list I provided.
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