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    Looking for some help with a basic question. I don't own any v-mount batteries, and rarely need them, but the rental on an upcoming job would cover a couple v-mounts, so I'm looking for suggestions. These would be for Litepanels Astra 6x (though I also own Litemat 3 s2s, I'm less concerned about battery-powering those.) What do you Astra owners use?

    I gather I'd best opt for a battery that does at least 10A output. I don't need them to power a particular camera (so it doesn't matter if they're optimized for RED interface or not). Is there anything else I need to know to make a choice?

    I see that the IDX CUE-d150s ( output 10A and seem like a lot of power for the money. A lot of other newer v-mounts also claim 10A output-- any favorites? (Kicking myself for missing out on the group buy for the tiny Dynacore DPM-98S!)

    Thanks for suggestions!

    [Apologies if there's discussion on this already, didn't find it via search.]
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    Nobody with recommendations?
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    I use mostly Anton Bauer via V-Mount on them, still have a couple Dynacores still kicking. At max power a 150Wh battery nets you about 1.5 hours of runtime. Mostly I'm on cord with them, but for peeps that saw Forged and a couple other quickies, they were running on batteries all day to move setups real fast.
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    Much thanks, Phil! (I read your posts mentioning Astras several times before choosing them over one of the more exotic and exciting flavor-of-the-month lights, and they're really great. So thanks for that, too!)

    In case anyone else is in the market, there's a great specia (half off!)l on B&H today on the Anton Bauer Cine 90 v mounts:

    Support 12A draw-- though the capacity maybe makes them better for cameras than lights...
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    I went with Intellytech "Rugged" 230wh, 15.5ah batteries. I often do live-shots where a batt going dead is a big faux pas. I went with what at the time I bought them was one of the highest wh available. The Ruggeds have a d-tap, no usb. The shell is made of a grippy, rubbery material. I like the more rectangular and flatter shape for use with LED panels rather than the block / square-shaped batteries such as the Anton Bauer Cine. It makes for a more flush, lower profile when mounted on the Astra.
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    I've been using these Neewer 150Wh batteries and they've worked great
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    If you need Dynacore battery please call OMEGA , thanks ! Josh Spiritas<>
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    For lights i have a couple of these

    They're 290Wh, 10A output. I've happily run Area 48s, Digital Sputnik DS1 and anything off them and they'll power the camera for ages as well.

    Beyond that capacity you're looking at different form factors, Hawks Wood have a huge Boxx battery and so do others but i'm not aware of a larger V lock than this...

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