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    Great condition, no issues, no dings or scratches, and never rented. I bought this kit from a RED rep for a film project, used it with love (141 hours on Brain and accessories), and now my photo assignments donít require this level of sensor, so Iím offloading it. I've priced it to sell as a package for $25,500.

    RED EPIC-W HELIUM 8K S35 BRAIN - 141 hours
    RED DSMC2 Skin Tone/ Low Light Optimized OLPF Pack
    RED DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
    RED DSMC2 Touch 4.7" LCD
    RED DSMC2 EVF (OLED) w/ Mount Pack
    RED DSMC2 Side Handle
    RED DSMC2 Universal Handle
    RED BRICK Battery Package (6x batteries)
    RED BRICK Battery Chargers (2x chargers)
    RED DSMC Battery Belt Clip
    RED MINI-MAG 512GB (2x media)
    RED DSMC Al Nikon Mount
    RED Sidewinder multi-tool
    Wooden Camera A-Box

    Package kit for $25,500
    Epic-W Brain for $13,500
    Accessory package only (w/o Epic-W Brain) for $14,500

    Buyer pays shipping, USA sale only. Shipped with original boxes.

    Joe Riis

    email me if interested -
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