Selling as a complete package only.
Pictures available via email request.
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RED Digital Cinema Helium 8K S35 Camera Package = SOLD
- RED Helium 8K S35 WPN-W Brain w/182-hrs.
- S35 Titanium PL Motion Mount
- S35 Titanium Canon Mount
- S35 Standard OLPF
- S35 Low Light Optimized OLPF
- S35 Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF
- RED Bomb EVF
- Side Handle
- DSMC2 Top Handle
- LCD/EVF Adaptor A
- Base I/O V-Lock Expander
- REDMOTE s/n:7701029DF85C
- DSMC Modular Assault Plate Pack (15mm Lightweight)
- Quick Release Platform (Dovetail)
- (2) DSMC Universal Mount (19mm Studio)
- Dovetail Mounting Plate (Long)
- Dovetail Mounting Plate (Short)
- DSMC Mounting Plate
- RED Touch 7 LCD Monitor
- Articulating Arm (Dogbone Bracket)
- (3) RED Mini Mag 512GB
- RED Station RED Mini-Mag - USB 3.1
- USB-C to USB-C Cable (Mini-Mag)
- LCD/EVF Cable Cable (Right to Straight) 18-inch
- LCD/EVF Cable Cable (Right to Right) 12-inch
- XLR Camera Power Cable (4pin XLR to 4pin Lemo)
- AC Power Adapter w/AC Cable (4pin Lemo)
- Flight Case