Thread: Is there a way to stop the RCX auto-render?

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  1. #1 Is there a way to stop the RCX auto-render? 
    Just curious - is there a way in RCX to stop the auto-render? Maybe that isn't the right term, but when I make a bunch of little adjustments to the curves and (well anything), I don't want RCX to 'render' the rest of the clip until I want to play it. This would reduce CPU/heat usage and wasted cycles rendering something that's instantly going to change the next setting change I make.

    I know I can export a single frame and then edit that, but I wondered if there was a way to stop that on a full clip.

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    I think the secret is to reduce the resolution of it while you're tweaking. That's worked for me in the past, but to be honest unless you're using the trim functionality in RCX, you'd probably be better off using dedicated software for that sort of tweaking.

    RCX is probably doing that pre-render so that it can give you smoother playback, but I find that just lowering the de-Bayer resolution to the point where the computer can handle it leads to the best user experience in it.
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