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    Hey guys,

    Hope Im in the right thread. I havent posted on here before but I'm in need of some guidance.

    I wanted to ask what ratios do you guys shoot at with the Orions. We are going to be shooting 7k 34fps for a music video on the Epic-w.

    I've seen for full coverage a 6:5 ratio is best, but I've enjoyed a 16:9 ratio too (lot of FOV and character). What have your sweet spots been, I feel even at 16:9 its a little wide, would love a happy medium between 6:5 and 16:9. I figure if we do go for a 16:9 a cheeky scale of 15% is fine considering we are outputing at 4k/1080p for web.

    Again, thanks for the help!
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    Re: aspect ratios

    You need to begin by defining what the project’s intended deliverable aspect ratio should be, then work backwards from there. If the desired final aspect ratio is 2.40:1, then starting with a camera aspect ratio of 6:5 (AKA 1.20:1) and using 2x anamorphic squeeze lenses like the Atlas Orions will give you the correct result after de-squeezing in post (1.20 x2 = 2.40).

    This would be the same process for any non-standard aspect ratio that might be desired. If you want a final 2:1 ratio with 2x anamorphic glass, then shoot and frame for 1:1 in-camera (1 x2 = 2). If you want an ultra-wide 3.56:1 ratio using 2x glass, then start with 16:9, AKA 1.78:1 (1.78 x2 = 3.56). So on, and so forth.
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