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  1. #1 Red Gemini, shot in NYC, Music Video "So Far No Luck" 
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    I shot and directed another music video for Earthquake Lights (Brooklyn indie Band)

    Entire music video was shot with Sigma Art Prime sets
    20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 105mm

    This was a test for myself for a feature film I am shooting at this Fall season.
    We will be in shooting mostly NYC with minimal lighting condition. Our reference on the shooting style of the feature films are "Before Sunrise", " Blue Valentine"

    Yet, because this film is a commercial one, and my director wanted it to be more "stable" look, I had to test myself with Rickshaw and Electronical Trike that could repeat the dolly movement with Ronin2 over 5-10 times without using my grip's muscle with a pain.
    When I figure how I am planning on the camera, I also realized that lighting condition must give me and my director more freedom.

    Sometimes, perfect lighting isn't the first priority in your shot. As all of the DOP wanted to shoot something unique, I also wanted to create a new kind of mise en scene to show the audiences.
    Technically, this wasn't really hard... but I really didn't want to tell my Steadicam Op to "RUN !!! camera RUUNNNN!!!!!!!!"

    And I know that steadicam op+ segway has it's own problem - such as (You must give 2-3 min break on each take)
    As a DOP, every single min counts as my expenses and promises to burn. If I promised to shoot on time, I will do it no matter what - and that's the kind of the reasons that I wanted to do my own experiments with this music video.

    Band Leader; Myles's generosity gave me a chance to create such an amazing music video, and my best A.C Zanin pulled entire music video with 1.4.
    MOST A.Cs would be tell me how crazy I were asking pulling focus on 1.4 - Well, he did, and he will be my beloved buds, who I really trust of all.

    I own really many lighting packages, and I think I can even make a full size production van haha... But, when I was free from the perfection on lighting, I see more things than just a frame.
    I honestly think Gemini could be the "best" camera Red ever made. Really sad thing is that, only speed booster available to Red is ABT cine, and those are like 5k to begin with, and I have to shoot on 4.5k instead of 5k.

    Since I don't like the look of many existing wide angle lenses from Ziess, and I hoped one day we could have an option for us to purchase under 2-3k more affordable option to upgrade ;) Because I would buy it even if I had the monstro for "slow motion cropped mod"

    Hopefully This thread shared some of my inputs on "No lighting, Gemini + bright lens" could create good enough look in NYC.
    South Korean Director based on NYC
    Epic-W, Movi Package, Inspire1 Pro, Steadicam
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    Cool video! Where you using LL mode on the Gemini for some of those really dark scenes? Maybe it's just the compression, but they looked significantly noisier than my Gemini. And not to harp on your AC, but some of those shots looked OOF (understandable though, 1.4 is difficult).
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