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    Hello guys, I just bought a Red Epic Dragon 6K camera and I was wondering what kind of sensor it is. i've read about CMOS sensor 19megapixels but is this a Super 35 sensor?

    Thanx guys.
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    Well, it's a fair hunk bigger than a s35mm frame. a lot of 35mm movie lenses vignette at 6k.

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    Tom.. I have had the Epic Dragon since it was released and love it. Some features over the current roster that makes it worth me keeping vs upgrading. For the most part at 6K you will need to use Stills glass to cover. I find shooting 5K HD crop a sweet spot with lensing. I have a set of Contax Zeiss lenses converted to EF mount and I know the Lieca stills lenses are also popular on the big sensors.
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