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    I have had the Dragon-X DSMC2 since March and been on the wait list for the Gemini Sensor upgrade since I bought the Dragon-X while I saved up for it. Next week is my slot to drop it off at Red Headquarters in Irvine, CA.

    Has anyone upgraded from Dragon-X to Gemini Sensor here?

    Any issues with this upgrade I should be aware of?

    How long did it take to get the camera back?

    Besides the low light benefits any other major noticeable differences in image quality?
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    I don't have any insight for you but I'd be curious to see some side by side images if you get a chance before sending in your Dragon X. I love the look of both but would love to see what the differences are other than FOV. In standard mode of course.
    Aaron Green - Chicago, IL
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    I was thinking about dong that this Sunday before I drop it off on Monday. The low light ability is worth it for me and having a current sensor instead of a 6 year old one. Plan to keep it for 5-6 years before turning it around to the next generation.
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    Do it. Lowlight ability is worth it alone coming from Gemini Owner. I have used LL mode countless times already for Realestate interiors and run-and gun scenarios where I could not have gotten as high of quality image with limited noise without it. I also feel that the camera (even in standard mode) can see into the shadows slightly more than dragon sensor. My friend has Scarlet-W and my image consistently looks cleaner in lower-lit scenes even when not in LL mode. Out of camera skin-tones also look better on gemini than on dragon (just my opinion) and I feel like I can push grades a little harder and have the image end up cleaner, I just can't explain it. The Dragon definitely has a look (I believe it is more filmic actually) with more texture/grain and "weight" to the image. Gemini is exact opposite in my opinion... Hard to explain, but it is just more smooth and clean with less saturation out of the gate and more neutral skin tones. I do a lot of commercial work and the image just feels cleaner for my purposes with the gemini when it comes to shooting products/people. This is just my opinion of course over using both cameras extensively and I still absolutely love the dragon sensor and think there is a perfect place for it. My friend just shot an Ad outdoors on his Scarlet-W for a farm-to-table startup that involved a lot of sunrise nature scenes/animals (I shot B Cam on my gemini) and I think for that setting the Dragon sensor had more character and graded out more nicely for that piece and actually looked better. So I think it really depends on your work but both cams are great and if you are spending a lot of money to upgrade for no apparent need I would just wait till DSMC3. Also, there is less crop on Gemini sensor (I think it comes out to like 1.33x with FF lens) as it is slightly larger than S-35 but correct me if I am wrong. I have noticed that I have a wider FOV on Gemini than Scarlet-W with the same lens and that matters to me considering I own all FF lenses with my Gemini and shoot interiors where I need true super wide angle FOV and need to avoid as much sensor crop as possible. Just something to think about as I think that also adds to increased Depth of Field for your lenses on Gemini as well.
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