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  1. #1 75mm Masterprime vs. 100mm Orion Anamorphic 😎 
    I gather these are different formats, FL, T stops, and CF.

    However, thoughts on either?

    If you could choose one, today.

    Do MP still have the magic?

    Sensor is S35.
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    Weird question and hard to answer without context. They are both good lenses, obviously the MP is technically superior optically for whatever that’s worth. I like the 100mm Orion, pretty lens. But if could have either for free I’d take the MP
    Director of Photography / Filmmaker
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    Based on looks, and other qualities, not value, rental.
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    Master Anamorphic is super clean. Very minimal distortion. Tame flares.
    Atlas Orion has some traditional anamorphic elements such as flaring, distortion, and corner softness. However it's a nice middle ground between vintage anamorphics and masters.
    Aaron Green - Chicago, IL
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    Master primes will always be a good choice on any projects.It can do music video, commercials or feature.
    Anamorphics, and thus Orion, can be a perfect fit for certain projects, mostly music video and fictions. Commercials with narrative will do fine, but they are not the bulk of commercials.

    You shouldn't ask other, you should ask yourself what look.

    I have to say though, if someone would give me a free set of MP, I'd rather sell it, and then, buy several other lenses set, including the Orions & the Sigma Art Cine.
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