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    Quote Originally Posted by David Rasberry View Post
    Komodo FF corresponds to the full screen resolution aspect ratio of 2k/4k DCI format projectors.
    Yes, I know (duuuuuh).
    Just sharing to say that if it was 2:1, I would be fine with it.

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    A lot of great news lately!
    So for us that know we will be ordering one, it would be nice to get some info on how this order process will be handled.
    Now I'm optimistic and checking this site every day, to see if orders are open. I do own a H-1 and ordered 6 min after the H-1 release, and I'm aware there will be some waiting for Komodo.

    Is it possible to make some sort of emailing list? Will RED maybe use my original H-1 order timestamp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mestizo Devon View Post
    I was not going for finger pointing... Just trying to get clear what H1 is to Komodo. There were folks here that I’ll call affiliates testing cables well into it... but I’ll not worry about that.... I’d just like to be 100 with what H1 will do with Komodo, I feel like at this point we should be able to stand on what it is and what it’s not. I think the issue with H1 has been messaging and who that is coming from, those gray areas or people with close ties making claims of functionality. So as I understand it H1 will never be a DSMC2 monitor, what specifically will H1 do with Komodo, that no other phone will? Going through this thread has it up up down down LR LR B A start. I’m not casting stones just trying to figure out how Komodo comes together for me.

    O no I totally get the confusion and the uncertainty.. Hydrogen had completely separate marketing, user forums, development and engineering teams from myself and RED camera but it still was under the RED banner and to most of you it just all looked like we were all the same . Outside of Jim's direct words there was a lot of "fill in the blanks" that happened and I totally understand how you are having a hard time understanding what the H path looks like.

    The reality is that shortly after we changed Komodo to add the pins on the top for the Hydrogen, I also made the decision for those pins to support other phones as well ( luckily ) . We still have lots of work to do on that front... so we don't know exactly what features those pins will end up looking like, but the chances that the Hydrogen doing anything " special " that another phone does, at least at launch, is very slim now that the Hydrogen program is no longer.

    Good news is that the capability of those pins gives a tremendous amount of opportunity in the future , not just for us but 3rd parties, But right now the majority of our engineers are focused on Komodo working as the best CAMERA possible... the rest , and I know the rest is important to you and a lot of others, is just honestly secondary... at least at this time.

    Not sure if that helps you at all.

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    Nice little sensor..... I am wondering about its low light capabilities...... Gotta wait until the curtain pulls back again...
    Red Dragon-x "Big-Skippy"


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    Hey, I'm new to autofocus, and the DPAF on Komodo doesn't ring any bells to me.

    Right now, besides S-W and Monstro, I have a Nikon Z6, and the AF just works every time.
    Can we expect something as good for Komodo ?

    Will you design additional version ? Like one with Z Mount ?
    Bérenger B. Brillante
    --Director Showreel--

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    Some tasty details on sensor size - thanks for the update
    Tim Daust
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    @TimDaust @ReelmindStudios

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bérenger Brillante View Post
    Hey, I'm new to autofocus, and the DPAF on Komodo doesn't ring any bells to me.
    DPAF = Dual pixel auto focus. That is on Canon sensors, not Komodo.
    PDAF = Phase detect auto focus. This is what is on Komodo.

    Just for clarification.
    Red Dragon-x "Big-Skippy"


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    Dear KomodoKlaus,
    Please take my money this tax season so I don't spend it on a Zaxcom Nova instead. I've been pretty good all year.
    Thank you,

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    I can't wait to get a Komodo!!!!

    so excited for this!!
    Curtis Boggs

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    Jarred, I got my Canon EF adapter today for my eventual Komodo... now all I need is the Komodo... ;)
    I've been a good boy all year, so I'm hoping to at least be able to put some money down towards it before Christmas (I mean, I put my money down on the H1 Ti and waited more than a year for that to come... not forgetting the months and months for Scarlet, Helium update, Dragon update, Epic update, MG update, MX sensor on the RED One even...).
    Will we be able to plunk down at least a deposit by year's end?

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