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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hastings View Post
    Seems like the whole idea of Komodo is to give us the lightest, most compact camera setup we can get that has the RED IQ goodies (plus global shutter!). The use of the Canon style batteries seems to achieve that.

    For those that want extreme long record times, I'm having a hard time imagining the scenario (other than remote cams) where simply hot-swapping a battery on the fly in a matter of a few seconds wouldn't work.

    For those situations where we make it into an A cam with lots of attachments (I'm sure I will do that sometimes) a pretty simple baseplate or cage should be able to accommodate any battery setup you want.

    If you are still trying to keep ultra light, ultra compact for handheld work with transmitters, it should be fairly simple to have a beltpack battery/transmitter combo with a power/SDI snake to the camera.

    Adding lightness to a heavy camera is hard.

    Adding heaviness to a light camera is easy and can be done by anyone.

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    Jarred, I wouldn't mind if we stepped away from talking about what the camera will be able to do internally for a second. It would be nice to hear your personal thoughts on what you'd recommend aspiring Komodo shooters invest in up front so when the camera does arrive we'll all be ready to go. For instance, canon's ef/variable nd adapter seems like a no-brainer to those of us shooting on ef glass. I've seen a lot about different small hd monitors, and I guess that's all up to the users preference. I've seen photos with the Global Dynamics handles (that are awesome btw) and it looks like they're directly mounted to the body. Since you're the definitive expert, and seen these things in action more than anyone else, hearing your thoughts on all products Komodo friendly would be interesting and extremely informative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    no... because there isn't enough overhead from the little batteries to power all your accessories that you all want to power. And of course you can say well "why didn't you just make the camera bigger and put on a v-lock and then give us a bunch more output ports and more power ports"... and I'd point you to one of our other cameras. I know the price point makes that comparison awkward.. But the reality is Komodo is small and lean and designed to do exactly what it is designed to do. If you want to flex outside that... then you need to get creative just like Michael Hastings just did. And trust me.. we have seen plenty of people that have been testing them do just that.
    Jared that is exactly what I had to do! I bought one of your other cameras and waiting for it to be shipped! Hopefully I can get the Komodo when released but couldn't wait any longer.

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    Thinking a set of M mount Voigtlanders would be a fun pairing for Komodo with its size. Curious what glass people plan on using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty Maier View Post
    Thinking a set of M mount Voigtlanders would be a fun pairing for Komodo with its size. Curious what glass people plan on using.
    What glass do you usually use when shooting video? The same as with other cameras if it will be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty Maier View Post
    Thinking a set of M mount Voigtlanders would be a fun pairing for Komodo with its size. Curious what glass people plan on using.
    Existing set of Minolta MD's for starters. 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 macro zoom, 50mm f/1.7. 35mm f/2.8, 135mm F2.8. Probably fill that set in with an 85mm and 24mm. Lots of options available, relatively cheap prices.
    Like to use my Angie 12-240 for 2k with a PL adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty Maier View Post
    Thinking a set of M mount Voigtlanders would be a fun pairing for Komodo with its size. Curious what glass people plan on using.
    I have been collecting a set of Contax Zeiss primes so my plan is to use those if I end up buying one. right now I have them rigged up to our company Monstro and it's a really dope handheld/shoulder rig setup... I am flying cross country this weekend for a shoot, and the whole time I was packing I kept thinking how nice it would be to fit my entire video kit into a single carry on haha. flying with large video gear is too stressful.

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    Speaking of lenses, there are a few 'pancake' lenses in various mounts that could be fun to use on this camera. E.g. Contax & Pentax 45/2.8, Leica 28 Summaron.
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    I'll definitely use quite a bit of EF lenses so I can use that variable ND adapter, but will also use my set of Contax primes for certain projects. If I'm runnin-n-gunning or doing observational doc stuff, Canon's 17-55mm f2.8 IS should work great with the stabilization and the variable ND adapter. Will have to drop it to 5k since that's a crop lens, but that's fine with me to save on storage space. Guessing my Sigma 18-35mm and Sigma 50-100mm f1.8s will continue to get a lot of use with the Komodo.

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    Thought I drop this here as Jarred tossed this one up on his Instagram.

    Don Burgess on the set of Christmas Chronicles with Komodo.

    Posting this here for two main reasons. Shows new "shorty" Cowboy Handles, good for a few finger and under ball grip. With what we know so far about Komodo and Global Shutter, handles like this are going to be pretty welcomed fun run and gun.

    And also to note, my lens adapter advice certainly is going to good use.
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