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    CFExpress certainly is an impressive bit of tech, but availability and cost in the near term might make it too soon to make the move. The newest CFast media, particularly the Angelbird cards which are optimized for sustained writes, should be great. I would assume that down the road a media bay for CFExpress could be made when the cards are ready for prime time. The size "C" variant is theoretically capable of 4GB/s, so unless filling up storage pools is your jam, that should hold us for more than a minute or two ;-)

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    Why cant we use it with minimags? :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher bell View Post

    Jarred confirmed that it is NOT 8k VV. so it will be smaller than that
    Its not 8k VV but he did not say it was smaller or bigger, could be any of those two then. Komodo dragons are the biggest dragons on the planet, exept for the fantasy ones... So possibly that says something about the size. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    Why cant we use it with minimags? :)
    With a converter cable you can, cFAST is SATA.

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    Now I'm even MOREEEEE curious

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    Jared can we throw one out of a plane attached to someones head? It worked well with an Epic but I feel like this could be what i've been dreaming of and would make a world of difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blair S. Paulsen View Post
    The "auto focus is worse than useless for motion work" orthodoxy may have finally met it's match in ever more sophisticated AI applications. For some narrative work, there is no substitute for a human focus puller's ability to add meaning to a scene. That said, in the vast majority of production scenarios reliable tracking auto focus would rock.

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    Sony's recent cameras, notably the RX100 VII and the A7RIV, have amazingly good AF. That is what a lot of documentary shooters will absolutely love. The A9 is also amazingly good, and there's a reason why it's still the best sports camera available right now, save for maybe the E-M1 X (maybe).

    Quote Originally Posted by Mathias Erichsen View Post
    Looks a bit like micro 4/3... Hope I’m way of, as I think that would be pretty sad.
    Sadly, it does not look like Micro 4/3 to me... I say 'sadly' because I love that format. I don't like EF or RF and I do wish RED would get off that train. EF, at least, is a shit mount. So are most mounts.

    Leica does mounts better than anybody IMO, but I don't quite think that a Leica mount is what RED should use. I'd go for the FE personally. OTOH if the Komodo's mount is just something to mount a FLR, then who cares.
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    Very interesting opinion there Karim. I'm a man of a few thoughts when it comes to the newer Mirrorless Mounts. Sony was early to the party with the E-Mount and it's gaining steam. Nikon Z came a bit later and you can barely adapt Sony glass to it and certainly not the other way around likely due to contract related stuff that led to the standard.

    Canon EF still is about 70+% of the market and they were a little later to the party when it comes to shorter flange distance mounts, but I will credit them for some interesting stuff like having the electronics to support things like the Control Ring.

    L is also pretty new in terms of the current efforts, I suspect many will have the option to go to R mount once Canon is in full swing and Sigma has at least hinted at that.

    The very extraordinary good news for us mere mortals is with these new mounts comes new flexibility when it comes to using adapters and all that, which I do on a regular basis. Things like ND mounts and macro helicoids are just the beginning of what's possible. This is what excites me when it comes to smaller cameras like Komodo and others dabbling in the tiny arts, because you can kit them into tiny little
    utility cameras or just main cameras if you need to keep size way down.

    I'm curious where it fits into my world. Tiny cameras certainly inspire some unique shots and even projects.
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    Looks like EF and S35 crop.
    Flange ? :)

    Glad that there is no frikkin hdmi. SDI - hopefully.

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