So, I'm trying to get a Tangent Wave2 talking to RCX. For the most part it works famously. Here's the problem, and it's a pretty big one:

When I map Power/Slope/Offset to the trackerballs, and the Gains to the Dials, Power and Offset work as expected. The trackerball moves the colour offset in the x-y. Slope, however, appears to be doing something entirely different. When I map Combined mapping -> Color Decision List -> Slope to a trackerball:

X TBcontrols X Slope
Y TB controls Bias.
Dial controls y Slope.

Okay! So everything works, but just mapped weird. So I do manual mapping. Map Dial to Slope Bias. It definitely controls Y. Y TB mapped to Slope Y definitely controls Bias. Easy right? Just manually swap them? Nope! Now the Dial controls Bias, despite being labelled Slope Y. The Y TB when mapped to Slope Bias does nothing. Something wonky is happening.

I've contacted Tangent support and they threw the ball into Red's court stating that the unit is pulling the triggers from the provider software, meaning it can only map what it's fed by the software. Meaning RCX is not feeding the correct triggers.

It also doesn't matter which Trackerball I try mapping Slope to, they all behave the same. I can also manually map Power and Offset to TB/Dials at they work as expected.

Any ideas?