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  1. #1 Massive Redcine-X log file 
    I kept running out of space on my Macbook Pro and I eventually traced the culprit to ~library/application support/red/RedCineX/Logs/ where there is a recently created 360GB log file. looks like it is just a huge text file, mostly consisting of repeated "select: Invaid argument" lines. Not sure if this is a bug, or perhaps if there is a setting I can change to prevent this happening again?
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    Check your Preferences->General page in RCX and see if you have "Verbose Logging" enabled. If so, unckeck it. It will not only create a large log file, but also impact performance.
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    What Stacey said - but also report that. There is no circumstance where a 360GB log file is appropriate. Likely a bug.
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    Thanks for the input. Verbose logging was off. I'll report.
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