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    Salomon XA PRO, the most comfortable and versatile shoe I've ever owned. I'm probably on my 9th pair and have been buying these for 7 or 8 years. I prefer the GTX version because I work on location a lot and never know when I have to run some wet grass. I HATE having wet feet on set.

    For when it's a little on the colder side and things might get wet.

    For when it's a little on the warmer side and it's less likely that one's feet will get wet.

    Also, yes to changing socks at lunchtime.

    Good luck,

    - Jan
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    I've been seeing people on sets wearing Hoka ONE shoes and raving about them. Could just be the latest fad.

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    Iím a tennis shoe(technically running shoe) guy, through and through. When I actually have to wear shoes. Asics with SofSole ĎAthleteí inserts. Usually Nimbus or Kayanoís, but Iíve been wearing the MetaRunís for the last few months.

    For probably 15-20 years Iíve constantly heard so many people around me in the business talk about Merrellís and see them wearing them, that itís pretty much cliche. I decided to try them about two years ago and bought a similar pair to what one of my audio guys wears. Thank goodness I bought them on Amazon... They were some of the most uncomfortable shoes that I think Iíve ever worn.

    If youíre on your feet a lot, especially if you do a lot of handheld, you might get six good months out of a pair before you should start considering replacing them. Also, swap the insoles out maybe every three. Iíve also travelled with two pair, before, so I could rotate them and have a ďfreshĒ pair every day.
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    Allbirds tree runners. Insanely comfy.
    Anglo-American DP, shooting docs and branded content in LA.
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    Adidas Ultraboosts.
    Can't beat them
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    Adidas Night Joggers!
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    For more sturdy and protective footwear, I've found there are modern work-boots that are comfortable enough to wear all day, not being too heavy and having soft runner-like insoles.

    These are the best ones I know of -

    Adding (and occasionally replacing) inserts like these - and wearing thick work-socks helps with comfort, longevity and odour-reduction.

    Some other tips -

    Getting the correct size for your feet, down to half-sizes, is crucial. Different brands and different styles within the same brand can fit slightly differently even though the size numbers are the same, so actually trying them on for size is important, and erring towards marginally too big (between half-sizes) is better than going too small and hoping the boots will stretch.

    Never try to tough it out and pit your skin against leather when the boots are new and need breaking in. It only takes a few minutes to give your feet blisters that can cause unavoidable agony for days. Even when you've got the right size and are wearing thick socks, wear the boots as loose as possible for the first few days to avoid friction. Only lace them up halfway and only tighten the laces enough so that the boots don't fall off. Over the first couple of weeks (of daily use), as the leather takes shape, gradually lace the boots all the way up and then tighten them to their final fit.

    If the boots are made with leather that's hardened or reinforced to form a particular shape (like around the back of the heel), before wearing the boots at all, smash and knead the hardened leather until it's pliable using the end of a knife-handle or other tool or by pushing it against the corner of a bench.

    Use regular shoe polish or leather-nourishing product to polish and protect the boots before you use them and whenever the leather starts to stiffen up again (usually within a day of not wearing them), to help the boots soften and take shape initially, then to avoid cracking of the leather where it creases as they're worn in.
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    Hoka One One. Super support, very light weight. I've got rather flat feet and the Hoka's help quite a bit.
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    Ron Howard recommended changing into a second pair after lunch.
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