I've got two Softpanel 2x1 Soft Interview Lights in fantastic condition, asking $950 each or $1250 total for both. The pair is $3,999 new, if you can find them. This is a fantastic kit for interviews, key lights, or studio (especially studio). I'm closing down my production company, which is the reason why we are selling at more than half-off MSRP.

One is in like-new condition (still in plastic) and the other has been used for about six indoor interviews.

These are fantastic for interviews and have some of the most natural skin tones out of any light I've used. They have built-in diffusion. They also run off of v-mount batteries - so excellent for in the field or tough power situations.

They're similar to the Litepanel Gemini in size and light quality. These are bi-color, not full RGB, which has always been fine for my use.

They have a light meter built-in, which is very handy and can match the natural color temperature in just one click and I've found to be accurate enough in most situations. They come with diffusion built-in, and have egg crate snap-ins and gel clips. They come with a light-duty case with foam.

They have brackets to be positioned horizontally or vertically.

These are really, really good lights at a price that's very low. In my opinion, they're underrated lights, mainly because no one knows the brand (they might be gone or bought by now), and they're a little finicky to set-up at first. Save some serious cash with these.

LOCATION: NYC, pick-up only.

PAYMENT: In-person cash or cashier's check.

Photos: Check my CL ad for photos (giving a cheaper price here, cause RU is awesome) -

PM me for more information.