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    Hi there,

    I'm working on a project in which I need to shoot a number of landscapes, some of which at need to be shot at golden hour.

    In my location (UK), the window for capturing the last thirty minutes of undiffused light falling on the landscapes frequently never even opens, though there is often a decent window just beforehand, when the sun is slightly higher, and the light not quite as warm.

    I am wondering - is it possible to film say 5-10 minutes (or even more) before golden hour hits, when the light is low and warm and the sky is not blown out, and then have the footage graded so that it looks exactly as if it was filmed at the peak of golden hour?

    Any thoughts are greatly aprpeciated.

    Many thanks.
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    It's totally possible, you'll just need to spend some time trying to get the shots to match with the true golden/magic hour shots. Shouldn't be an issue if you're shooting in higher bit depths. :)
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    Seems like it would work fine.

    Shoot in the summer if you can, of course.
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    Sure you can grade it to some degree but there is no real substitut for the real deal. The more north or south you go the longer the sunsets. Here in stockholm we have midnight sun for almost a month each summer. Gives plenty of magic hours each night. ;)
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