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    Looking for some help with a problem I'm having in Premiere Pro (13.1.4) and the IPP2 image pipeline.

    I am working on a project with footage from multiple Reds bodies and am trying to use IPP2, but I'm seeing a weird frame or border around the image in any window I can load the footage into, as well as on export. The border is not there at all when I chose Legacy image pipeline, or when I view as IPP2 in RedCineX or Red Player. I don't know if I'm just being dense and missing something, or if it is a Premiere glitch.

    I've attached two images; The first is just the full Premiere window and you can see the white/blue border around the footage in the Program window, and the second is the bottom right corner of the program window zoomed in at 400%.

    I can successfully crop it out, but I am working with tons of clips and angles and would rather not if possible.

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    I get the same problem. I also get random black frames upon export. I've spent countless hours chatting and on the phone with Adobe who appear to have their heads up their butts on this one. No answers from them what so ever. Have you found a solution to this yet?
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    Hey guys, here is a link to help with your issues..

    Also, I've noticed, that upon export - if your exporting a mp4. Don't use the adobe media encoder.. Export within Premier.

    Set the Bit Rate Settings as - VBR, 2 pass.

    Performance needs to be set to "Software Encoding."

    We've all been struggling with this issue for a bit now. Let me know if you guys have any other issues... Patiently waiting for a patch from Adobe, as rewatching 175 exports in a million different resolutions is wearing me thin...

    - JVP
    Joshua VP Filming and Editing LLC.

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