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    There was a thread about this wich I cant find anymore. Im curios if they work great or not. Would be great to have an optional connection with thunderbolt 3.
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    They’re pretty much all motherboard specific so you need to have the right card that works in your PC, assuming one is available. There were a couple cards that seemed to offer some level of functionality in PCs they were not designed for, but those have proven generally unreliable.

    Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI all have Thunderbolt solutions that function rather well. The biggest issue I have run into is that there seem to be very few Thunderbolt solutions for the bigger desktop class motherboards and workstations, especially the high-end i7 and especially Xeon/ multiprocessor systems.
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    I using the Gigabyte Designare EX 299 motherboard and it has 2 integrated Thunderbolt 3 ports. No problems so far!
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