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    Presently watching "the Boys" on Amazon Prime and congratulations to all the cinematographers involved. It looks fantastic and a wonderful use of the 2.35 aspect ratio. Again the Monstro camera shows itself as the first class camera it is.
    I can't find anything about the cinematography process online. Does anyone have any knowledge of this production? Specifically interested in what anamorphic glass was used and what sort of backdrops if any were used for views of NY out the windows of the sets?
    Tom Gleeson
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    Hey Tom

    Good shout, I love the look of ‘The Boys’ too, it’s incredibly well shot.

    How do you know they used monstro ? Just curious......
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    Yes shot here in Toronto using monstro with Cooke anamorphic SF. Season 2 is adding Scorpios for lighter weight and close focus.

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    I enjoyed watching this show as well. IMDB does specifiy Monstro:

    Company 3 has a short write up about the post work:
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