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  1. #1 GeForce GTX 760 Cuda Acceleration not working 
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    Hi All
    Please help. Does the CUDA acceleration only work with the newer Nvidia cards. My GeForce GTX 760 only works with OpenCL. If I try and change it to Cuda it says "No CUDA Device Available" I have checked the specs and this card has 1152 CUDA cores. I have the latest drivers as well as the Latest RedCineX. I know that this card is only (version) 3.0 Compute capability but I dont really know what that means. Is there anywhere to view a list of supported devices.

    Please can some one help
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    Hmmm. I don't know if it is compatible or not exactly, but that is a 6 year old card for sure.

    The first thing I would do is to ensure you're on the latest drivers.

    Might be worth emailing RED support to see if that card is compatible.

    OpenCL is still GPU acceleration, so it's not all bad news. CUDA will likely get you a bit more performance, but very slightly in this case.
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