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  1. #1 Two Epic-Dragons: different white balances 
    We own two Red Epic-Dragons, one which we bought a bit later than the other one. The strange thing is: one of them has a totally different read-out from the white balance.

    Camera A gives a white balance of 5600k and 0 tint
    Camera B gives a white balance of 8700k and -28,986 tint

    I would understand that the two sensors differ a bit, but not this much. I've calibrated both camera's (at the same time) about a month ago, so no differences there. We do this on a regular basis, but there's always this big difference in white balance. Does anybody have any idea what this can be? I don't think this is normal?
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    I'd guess with that difference, one has the OLPF menu set incorrectly. Check the installed OLPF and settings.

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    Let me try this. I'll get back here!
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