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  1. #1 Shot a shoe-string on the MX with Asahi Takumars 
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    Super fun to play with. Loved the results. Doubt it will ever get edited because of the producer's budget but I pulled stills already :)

    Also on this page is an explanation of my process and some technical stuff for yay.
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    Nice write up, man! Results look wonderful.
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    Why dont you edit it?
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    I'm still proudly shooting with the Epic X and jazzed with the results after the shoot. Mostly out of necessity. If I could, I would go VV 8K in a heartbeat. But my Epic has never failed me.

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    Helping a friend with his EPIC MX display issues.
    I did some test runs and man I love the image on that.
    I actually see a dif between the EPIC and my Scarlet.
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