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    This is great
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blair S. Paulsen View Post
    At the time I decided to buy a Monstro I knew it's value would decline fairly rapidly, that's what cameras do. This program probably dropped its resale value another $5-10K this week. That said, blaming RED for the natural progression of the marketplace is BS. As Mark (OffHollywood) notes, these days, you really need to get your ROI on any new camera within 24 months.

    I am happy that more RedUsers will get a chance to shoot on Monstro, it's wicked good.

    Cheers - #19
    You are right Blair, partially at list because for the record,
    The last Monstro I sold was for $34k would have been $34.6k with RED 90 Day warranty, and the last 7/8 Monstro I sold all for 35k, so Monstro Brains where already selling at the $35k mark :)

    RED's move on this is great because two of the Monstro I sold, where actually sold to two different buyer which each had been previously scammed by an other posing Reduser.

    I actually tough of going back to officially Brokering RED gear, but this move changed my mind, love what RED is doing on this front, and this will get safely cameras in people's hands at great prices and with the Warranty factored in and the added capacity to add REDarmor makes it a great deal!

    Bravo RED!
    F I L M M A K E R

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    Excellent idea Brent!
    I know many people would love to shoot with a Monstro!

    Making the marketplace a safer environment will help a lot of users, current and new!
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    Thank you!
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    Dig the concept
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    I'm very happy to see movement on this front, and the outline of your plans to come!

    Curious -- will you be taking trade-ins against 'battle tested' brains, as you do with new ones?

    Personally, I can't afford the price jump from Scarlet-W to Gemini, nor do I need a brand-new brain. My now-used-by-me Scarlet-W works perfectly well... and if certified by Red and covered by an extended Armour warranty, I would feel the same confidence in a used Gemini.

    If Red can take the pain out of listing and then selling privately, I'm happy to pay a small premium for that... especially if done via my local Red-authorized camera shop :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Verlaan View Post
    I'm very happy to see movement on this front, and the outline of your plans to come!

    Curious -- will you be taking trade-ins against 'battle tested' brains, as you do with new ones?

    Lots of PM's and emails about hours on the battle tested DSMC2 Monstros. They are anywhere from single digit hours ( mostly rebuilt with all new boards or other cameras that are as good as new ) to around 1600 hours.. and everything in between. The lowest hour ones obviously are being eaten up the fastest.
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    I'd be curious if Gemini's will come in.
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    if we buy those battle tested brains, will the buyers be part of any upgrade programs Red have in their sleeves ? I guess yes, but I just want to be sure.
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