So this is something I've explored a few times before but am wanted to get sort of the "final word" on.

I love using IPP2, baked in LUTs for proxies, and all the different options that come with. I've been working with LUTs designed for IPP2 and the pipeline for a while now and love them. Recently I was at Company 3 to color a feature and when working with my artist we were discussing making some custom LUTs for me to use in the future. When chatting I mentioned my workflow and how working inside Red's output transforms is how I'm doing it. Because of his transform process, we'd want to lay the LUTs he designs right on top of my RWG/L3G10 footage without Red's transform. Is there a way to do this without toggling back over to Legacy? If we go back to legacy, I can no longer bake in my LUT to the proxies...which makes things a little difficult for the offline.

If this is not an option, is it possible that it could be in a future firmware update? Looking more at the Red team for this info. It would be a huge help for folks who are designing their own LUTs or working with a colorist in this way.

For reference, I'm on an Epic-W Helium.