Thread: 4x4 vs 4x5.6 Filters for Gemini Sensor and full frame lenses?

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  1. #1 4x4 vs 4x5.6 Filters for Gemini Sensor and full frame lenses? 
    My lens kit is the Rokinon DS Cine lenses and of 16 2.2, 20mm 1.9, 24mm 1.5, 35mm 1.5, 50mm 1.5, 85mm 1.5. The 16mm 2.2 is for crop sensors and super 35mm. But with the Gemini being larger than super 35mm I had to crop down to 4k and my 20mm is the same FOV as my 16mm 2.2 was on my Dragon X sensor. These are full frame lenses on a smaller sensors and had a 77mm filter thread. So to save a lot of money and have a bunch of filter options I was fine with just 77mm filters and even stacked up to 3 that and didn't need to invest in 4x4 or 4x5.6 filters.

    But now I just got the full frame 16mm 2.6 that doesn't have a 77mm thread and even if I found a way to attach a 77mm its way to small for this lens and the Gemini sensor.

    I am looking into options of owning 4x4 or 4x5.6 filter kit. So I can use it on the Rokinon DS Cine 16mm 2.6 and more importantly when I rent full frame lenses like Sigma Cine, Tokina Cine, Ziess CP.3 and Rokinon Xeen lenses.

    Can I get away with 4x4 filters with these full frame lenses on a 1.22 crop factor sensor? Especially with the wider end of 14mm-20mm?

    Right now I have a 2 stage 4x4 mattbox. So if I go 4x5.6 filters I have to also count in the cost of a bigger mattbox along with a huge price difference between 4x4 and 4x5.6 filters. Adds up pretty quick.
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    The short answer is, no. I’m selling my 4x4s in favor of 4x5.6s myself. My Strummer DNA has to be fully backed into the front of the lens of my 24mm Zeiss B-Speed in order for the 4x4 frame not to buzz the frame at 5k. Doing that kills using a 138mm pola real quick. So my recommendation is bite the bullet and go for the 4x5.6s. That will give you the most flexibility in the future.

    Or you can just rent them when you rent other lenses. Your rental house will love you for it.
    justin chin
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    Unless you can get a bargain price on second hand 4x4 filters do not go there. If you buy good quality filters and you look after them you can expect decades of service. 4x5.6 will cover your wides and possibly many zooms you may rent in the future and also take you to full frame sensors.
    Tom Gleeson
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