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    Hello all!

    A big overhaul for one of my most popular PHFX | tools: framesToDataRate

    For those new to it, this is a Data Rate Calculator that helps calculate your Data Footprint. This is useful in Pre-Production, Production, Post, VFX, and Delivery.

    What's new?
    - Added dynamic camera presets for their recording formats and resolutions
    - Added RAW and Common Recording Codecs - REDCODE RAW, ARRIRAW, X-OCN, Cinema RAW Light, Apple ProRes RAW, BRAW, XAVC
    - Added drop down of common frame rates (custom fps is still there too)
    - Added Project Duration features right down to seconds - useful for calculating deliverables
    - Added Day Multiplier to Project Duration - useful for planning larger shoots
    - Added Disparity Calculation between Source and Delivery (i.e. 8K is 400% 4K)
    - Added Delivery Codecs Feature - Same as Source - useful for calculating at resolution transcodes
    - Added Scaled DPX under Delivery Codecs when you have a higher resolution downsampled to your Delivery Codec - useful for deliverables or that workflow
    - Added HEVC to Delivery Codecs, two types, High Quality and Web Streaming which are the two common data rates for general HEVC deliverables

    You'll notice you can do one wacky thing. You can actually choose a Camera Preset Resolution and then a Recording Codec that you potentially can't record with that given camera. This is a very much on purpose feature mainly to allow for comparison of codecs that have similar resolutions or just comparing a potential Data Footprint. For instance if you wanted to see the 6K resolution data difference between RED Monstro REDCODE RAW and Sony Venice X-OCN. You can do that. Ideally you'll be pairing the appropriate codec with the given camera system most of the time however.

    This is one of the most used web tools I've created thus far as well as the one I use most often, nearly before every shoot or delivery. It's being used by thousands of professionals around the world every month. The feels are good.

    Thank you once again to the sponsors of PHFX | tools. They allow me to find time to work on them as well as keeping the web tools free for everybody to use.
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
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    Data Sheets and Notes:
    Red Weapon/DSMC2
    Red Dragon
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    Thanks Again Phil!!! Yet another updated tool I will be referencing on a daily basis. Thank again for the hard work!
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    Awesome, Phil!
    Martin Stevens

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    Producer and Director at Metaphoric Pictures Corporation.
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    Thanks again Phil for you awesome tools, and keeping to improve them.
    I use them quite often myself, and keep forwarding them to colleagues and friends if they have questions about certain things.

    Filmproduction & Filmservices

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