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    reluctantly selling my Scarlet W

    never missed a beat - pic to follow ASAP

    any question feel free to contact me

    selling as kit

    - 1xRed Scarlet W -356 hours - standard olpf
    - 1xRed 4.7” touch
    - 2x Red 480gb mini mag
    - 1xRed mini mag card reader USB3
    - 1xRed base I/O v lock
    - 1xRed Canon EF mount
    - 1xRed universal top handle
    - 1x DSMC2 SIDE HANDLE -
    - 1x small rig left side cheese plate
    - 1x small rig 15mm rod bottom plate
    - 1x small rig top plate
    - 1x AC power adapter
    - 1x Includes original right side body plate with skull as well
    - 1x Red Peli Heavy-duty camera case
    - 1x Vlock charger POWERLOK PLV-C2 Twin Charger
    - 3x v lock 95 PowerLok PLV-95
    - 1x RED Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable (24", RED DSMC2)
    - 1x Red Flexible Thin Power Cable D Tap to Right Angle 1B 6 Pin Female for gimbal use
    - 1x camrade - rain cover
    - 1x BNC Plug to Lemo 4pin male Timecode Cable*

    DocuMovie UK LONDON
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    PM sent ...
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    How are you ?

    I come back to you, remaining sorry for not having made my choice on your kit Scarlet-W, because I finally found one in France ...
    Now I have a big emergency, because I have no media! ... and my filming is approaching very quickly ...
    Did you sell your kit?
    I see it has x2 mini-mags of 480 Gb ...
    Would you agree to sell them to me?
    What is their state?
    I know that we often prefer to sell a set ... but also, sometimes we lose less money to sell some accessories separately ...
    I'm sincere in telling you that for me it's a call for help, a vital emergency ...

    If you agree and if your price is good, the package must leave tomorrow, via express transport (UPS, Fedex or DHL express) to France.

    So now I cross my fingers while waiting for your answer ...


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    UK London
    hi mate hope you got this sorted but i did PM you but just in case i need to sell this as a kit, i think thinks its priced to sell for what you get

    anyway good luck, i feel your pain :/
    DocuMovie UK LONDON
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