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I've done a lot of conflict zone stuff in the past. Iraq 1990 and 2003, Kosovo 1999, Libya 2013, Gaza Strip 2003, 2007, 2009 . Would say that a red or arri is the wrong camera to take into a proper conflict zone. Something small, like a C300, EVA1, or Fs7 with canon stills zooms is the way to go. You want sometime that you are happy to leave behind if things get really crazy. In Iraq in 2003, I was doing a doc for the BBC called "Fighting The War" I had a digi beta with me, but for all the stuff in proper combat was shot on a Sony PD150, which at the time was the "best" small camera. You really want something small and foolproof. Mucking about with separate sound recorders is going to be a real pain and distract you from looking after yourself. DSLR's are also used a lot by BBC crews in conflict zones.

If you go down the red route, dealing with the data in the field is going to be tricky, to say the least. Shooting with a C300 or Eva1 means you can use pretty cheap CF cards or SD cards, and have a pile of them for downloading when you can.

Maybe not the same thing but lot of people shot pictures and filmed during 9:11. However a friends friend of mine was doing a large format fashion shoot in newyork that day. He still lives on those pictures that he shot that day... in his large penthouse in NewYork.

So yes sure easier to just bring a smartphone and not risk any gear but sadly if you get high quality footage you can pull good stills from then you are in a completly different category and migh bank from it decades foward.