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    With Oakley you wrapped quality function in art.

    With RED you democratized quality function to artists.

    I've benefited from both endeavors, and you have my sincerest thanks.

    Best wishes to you and yours with whatever is next.
    Follow RED ONE #97 into Afghanistan via High Definition Magazine
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    Dear Jim,

    Your contribution to the cinema world is incredible.
    You are the man responsible for spreading the 4K and up images worldwide.
    You were the first to bring a digital camera with true cinema quality to creators worldwide.
    I'll always remember when i received a call from my friend Graeme, a sunday morning… :)
    "Antoine, it's fantastic! You have to buy this camera!…” was! The RED ONE.
    I never sold this camera even if i bought the Epic.
    What you’ve accomplished is truly immense.
    I had the pleasure to chat with you 3 times at NAB.
    You are a visionary man, a true creative force.

    Now it’s time for you to use your cameras for fun!
    Wish you the best.

    Sincerely, Thank you so much!

    (sorry for my bad english.. :) )
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