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    Well I won't view this as a sad note, but more of a celebration of your efforts Jim.

    Many here make a living with those art wrapped gizmos, and I suspect for some the greater value those inventions have had is to empower them to create astounding work over the years.

    I am very much in both categories and grateful for the effort, passion, and creativity. And you've filled out a few of those companies with similarly fueled folks for sure.

    I have a good memory of the journeys of RED and Hydrogen. Much gets lost in the weeds these days, but I'm so very grateful for the rapid development and evolution of those efforts. Not to mention the industry changing trends that have emerged from those inventions. Very literally changing the game along the way several times.

    Hopefully you won't be a stranger.

    Too many memories over the years to really lay down. Many related to RED Days and NAB as well as chatting about technology trends. One still moment I remember fondly during the launch of DSMC2 going over the technology and in 2015 things were wildly different in the camera space, similarly to mid-2000s as well:

    Thanks for the years of innovation and hard work.
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    A big moment. Jim’s audacity and inventions have opened whole worlds to me. His active presence will be missed, but dammit if he hasn’t earned some down time. Sending good vibes your way Jim... RED’s in good hands, take in the good life and may good health follow you for many, many years.
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    Thanks for all the innovations you brought to us.
    Other companies are trying to catch up (or copy) the modular concept you brought to us.
    Thanks for R3D
    Thanks for 4K and beyond
    Thanks to have made it affordable for the creative owners.

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    Back in 2007 my fourth and final interview at RED was a one on one sit down with Jim. After we chatted for awhile about cameras, technology and all kinds of crazy stuff there was a defining moment and Jim said, " want to see the prototype of what will become the RED One?"

    And my life changed for the better so much after that day.

    Thank you for taking a chance on me Jim, thank you for all you've taught me and thank you for all of this amazing technology that I constantly use daily, which continues to change my life for the better...
    Sean Ruggeri
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    Jim is yet another example that you don't need to be part of a club to be successful. May his health be better than new soon!

    I hope that he starts to write his memoirs. That's a book I'd love to read. Please convey that to him, Jarred.
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    Thanks Jim
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    Thank you Jim for being willing and able to make things better.
    You have disrupted our lives in ways no one could have imagined and brought countless smiles along the way!

    I hope the health issues will be a thing of the past, soon! So you can finally enjoy the life you deserve!

    There's fond memories everywhere along the way, from X-Metal, the Thump, to the RED One and the Hydrogen One and all the Epic stops in between.

    All I have is immense gratitude dear friend.

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    Jannard is an amazing man. I hope he'll consider writing an autobiography -- he's got some stories to tell.
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    Thanks for pushing the cinema industry forward, Jim! Best of luck with retirement. Be well.
    Jaime Vallés

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    Thanks for everything you have done Jim!!

    Be well... Enjoy your life my friend!!

    Too bad on the Hydrogen, but life it is what it is.

    Can't wait for Komodo!
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