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    Available now: Arri 416 Plus Camera Package with 3 mags, IVS and aks.
    Price is USD$ 50,000
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    Dear companions of the REDUSER community, be careful before buying used products through intermediary companies.
    I bought an Alexa mini unit two years ago from one of the site sponsors (this is not proof of credibility), but the company chose to try to ship a camera different from the one chosen on the site, and then claimed to have lost my money and to be victim of a coup, although no police report has been recorded. I have been asking for my refund through the Florida court for two years, and I have spent more than $ 15,000. The Company gave in and asked for an agreement, although it did not cover my USD 15,000.00 expense to recover USD 50,000.00.
    After proposing to pay me in twelve installments, he paid one and ignored the agreement offered, without communicating or even giving satisfaction.
    So, before paying 10% commission to companies just for contact, get your lenses and cameras without intermediaries. Although there are good brokers, unfortunately some charge 10-20 thousand dollars for just forwarding emails and photos and not guaranteeing any security, and everything is going well as long as things work out (I worked with the company for ten years), but we know the seriousness when we have a problem.
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