Thread: Can the latest MacBooks Pros playback 8k RED files in say 1/4 res?

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    This is so weird...curious what platform you guys are using. My 2013 trash can (not maxed out) doesn't have much trouble with 8K. Just did a test: 8K raw with a multi-layer color grade applied, took 8m:39s to render a minute of video in FCPX. 3 minutes shouldn't take more than a half hour.
    Rendering out a feature film (98 mins) with a mix of 5K and 8K, usually done when I just leave it overnight. FCPX seems to be a lot faster than Resolve and RCX. Ironically, my 8K R3Ds play more smoothly than OSMO Pocket 4k footage...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    All I really care about is will my new MacBook 16 be I able to playback my rushes on a shoot at good enough quality for me to check things over (prob in redcine but would like Resolve) .. and 1/8 at 8k is just not good enough (also at 4K 1/4 is just not good enough).... this basic issue is not an issue with any other camera system on a specced up Maclaptop...RRX was great but didn’t work with post dragon footage on a laptop so I had to get rid of it...
    If you can bring yourself to embrace FCPX, you'll be happy. It dynamically throttles the debayer on playback, and the quality is fine for viewing. You can do good color grades. You can view full resolution on pause for sharpness inspection, etc. FCP just shakes hands with the hardware way better than Resolve and RCX, and it's a breeze to work with, especially with R3Ds. Can't even remember the last time I opened up Resolve or RCX
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    Fcpx and R3D is killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    Fcpx and R3D is killer.
    I have a mix bag of R3Ds from 6K to 8K in a feature-length assembly.
    Almost butter in FCPX on a D700 nMP.
    I say almost since recently I had to work off a RAID 0 OWC consisting of 5400 RPM SATA (client supplied).
    To fix this, I just Proxied the whole lot.

    Btw great find with SCREEN app Bob.
    Love it!
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    Yeah Screen is amazing and just keeps getting better. And as others have stated working with R3D in FCPX is already really simple even without the coming Metal improvements.
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