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    I've been shooting this series for the better part of a year now. If you don't know about CineStill Film, they're a company that found a way to alter Kodak motion picture film to be shot in stills cameras and processed in regular photography chemicals (C-41 and B+W developers).

    Stephen Schaub is a unique photographer based in Vermont - he shoots primarily black and white (occasionally CineStill's bwXX, which is Kodak's Eastman XX 5222 film). What's unique about his work is it's pinhole photography that he handholds for minutes at a time to achieve some very eerie, beautiful images.

    With all of that in mind, I thought it was appropriate to shoot his piece on my Epic-X M-X Monochrome:

    Do take a look at his and the rest of the people in the series if you have a chance!
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    I really liked this, thank you for sharing. I know of Stephen Schaub from a few years back when he talked about the advantages of shooting on film. He made the point that Kodak really needs to produce a $500 scanner that would simplify the post production process. If you're making film, why stop half way?

    Love the choice of music and the mood you set. My only point of criticism is that the image wasn't contrasty enough. In any case I'm always baffled when people say that we don't need monochrome cameras. Holy shit, how wrong can you be!
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