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I had every confidence in the Easyrig because of that kind of thread here.
But now....

I just had an Easyrig 3 600N failure, three days ago. It was a production own Easyrig, in excellent condition.
We were using a Easyrig + Serene + Movi pro with a stripped down Gemini.
The column literally broke in half during recording at the junction. It was a simple walking move with zero difficulties.

I don't trust the Proaim on the cords in the long terms, but it is still ok nevertheless especially if you change it.

I've owned an Easyrig 2.5 for years myself, and a Proaim Flowline with a Placid for the last two years.
Seriously, they are both fine for owners. I wouldn't rent the Proaim though, just to be safe with the cords.

I actually find the Flowline vest more confortable than my 2.5 (well it's easy to be fair) but as confortable as the 3, maybe even more padded now that I think about it.
Merci Bérenger.
Great to read all those different feedback here.